Debt Resolution


We deal with countless consumers who have lived the life of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. Credit cards are the modern legal form of loan sharking.  No other industry is allowed such free reign over your personal finances.  When people get laid off or fall into financial difficulty they often resort to the extensive use of credit cards. This then means that the consumer is paying up to 30% in interest on their necessary purchases. No amount of coupon clipping or overtime hours at work can keep up with debts that multiply at this rate.

For some, Bankruptcy is not the answer and there are other paths to recovery. Debt resolution or Debt Settlement is but one of them. We work with your creditors to come to terms on overall debts owed. We attempt to cut them in half and put you on a payment plan that makes sense for your budget.

 If your life is consumed with credit card debt; if you have received a court summons; if the creditors and debt collectors are calling you at home, work, and on your cell phone, the only way to get relief is to call now and speak with one of our attorneys. 

The Bankruptcy Guy is a designated debt relief agent. He provides legal assistance to consumers seeking relief under the Bankruptcy Code. He represents consumers, individuals, debtors and businesses in chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13 bankruptcy matters throughout all of San Diego County.

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