Why Contact the San Diego Bankruptcy Guy?

Bankruptcy is not always the best answer. In evaluating your case, often we are able to find other options to your financial woes that do not require intervention of the court system.  Perhaps consumer debt resolution would work best and we want to spend the time with you to evaluate your predicament and provide you the advice you need to make a well-informed decision and to put you on the path to recovery.

Our view is simply this, if we can save a client from financial ruin, we will be thought of again by that client when they are ready to begin rebuilding. As above, we want to begin the rebuilding process NOW. This means that immediately after filing for protection, we want to build the rock solid path to recovery. Please visit our Testimonial Page to see what our clients say about us. "What Our Clients Say".

Our experience means that when the court receives a case from a client of ours, or sees one of our Bankruptcy Attorneys, they know that the documentation has been prepared correctly, that the client has been informed of all the options and possible consequences, and we are able to proceed seamlessly through the process.

In my experience it is rare to receive such personalized professional counsel from a service group.  I am never made to feel that a clock is ticking or that a question is considered stupid or irrelevant.  My circumstances, odd bits, and unique criteria are assessed, defined, and carefully addressed with thoughtful professional consideration.  I recommend the Bankruptcy Guy for his professionalism and thoughtful discretion. Wayne C., Oceanside, CA.

Fill out this no obligation form to discuss your issue with an Attorney or call us today at 858-499-8951.

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